Affordable financing options for you


We have partnered with LendCare to offer you an easy and fully online financing process that allows you to get what you need, now.


Instead of paying for our services at the time of your appointment, you can choose to pay LendCare bit by bit, either bi-weekly or monthly, until the end of your loan term. Lendcare offers terms up to 5 years and a maximum of $5000, with low payment installment options, giving you ample time to pay for your purchase. Lendcare also have a dedicated customer support team, ready to assist you whenever you need it. If you’re looking for loan balance information, need to change your billing address or wish to alter your payment schedule, LendCare is available to help.

Get the financing you need today, with LendCare.

Click here to apply: https://applicant.myfrontline.app/LendCare/R2SWT976P253