What is Botox?

Only Botox is Health Canada and FDA-approved to temporarily treat moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet wrinkles and forehead lines.

A combination of factors can cause facial lines. It’s not just about the cellular changes that may occur, or reduction of collagen, or damage caused by free radicals from the sun and the environment.

Repeated muscle contractions from frowning, squinting, or raising eyebrows cause skin to furrow and fold, gradually resulting in the formation of facial lines. Botox is a quick 10-minute treatment that works beneath the surface and temporarily reduces the underlying muscle activity that causes moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines in adults – to help them look younger.

Is Botox right for me?

Do you have crow’s feet, forehead lines or an angry, resting facial expression? If you answered yes to any of those concerns, then this quick, safe and non-surgical procedure may be right for you!

Botox benefits include:

  • No surgery
  • No recovery or downtime required
  • Health Canada and FDA-approved and safe
  • See results in as little as 48 hours*
  • Stops wrinkles from forming or getting worse*
  • You will look less tired, less angry and younger*

Botox delivers our patients predictable, subtle results, so you look like you, only with less noticeable lines and wrinkles.*

What to expect during treatment

During your consultation, we will meet with you one-on-one to understand your concerns. When a treatment plan is developed, Botox is then injected strategically with a fine needle in targeted areas to address your wrinkles, forehead lines, glabellar lines (between the eyes), crow’s feet and other concerning areas of the face.

The actual procedure time is less than 10 minutes and you are able to return to normal activities right away. For optimal results, it is preferable to postpone exercise or strenuous workouts for 2 to 4 hours post treatment.

How long will my Botox last?

Results may be noticeable within 24 to 48 hours after treatment, with the maximum effects apparent at 2 weeks with results lasting up to 4 months.* Larger doses may produce a longer duration.*

Before and after photos

Before and after results for BOTOX
Before and after results for BOTOX
Before and after results for BOTOX
Before and after results for BOTOX

* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

Book Botox injections in Calgary

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* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.