The best in Calgary

I’ve been going to this clinic since I was a little girl and have seen this place improved in services and growth  This clinic is been managed by  Dr.Idahosa and he is an incredible doctor who actively listens to you .

The clinic offers a bunch of other cosmetic medical services such as  weight loss programs , IV, skin tightening, sculpsure, fillers and Botox and lasers. The prices here are really reasonable and everything is controlled by the doctor. If you can get on their mailing list they will send you promotions via email. I was able to get 10 sessions of IV for 20% off. it’s a huge savings and I will continue to keep an eye out and come to the clinic on a regular basis . The staff are knowledgeable and very friendly


Came to get Botox and Fillers and it was a wonderful. Staff was friendly, exceptional service, and overall a delightful experience!


Everyone here is wonderful! Starting with the staff, as soon as you walk in they are super friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, and ready to help. The results you receive from Dr. Idahosa and his staff are amazing. Would highly recommend this place to anyone. 🙂