Virtual Weight Loss Program

Step One: Virtual Consultation

To start your weight loss journey, begin with a 30-minute virtual consultation at Calgary Medi Spa. This consultation will help us understand your goals and current health and fitness levels, allowing us to determine the best plan for your weight loss success.

Once you’ve booked online and received confirmation, you’ll be sent an assessment form to evaluate your health and program suitability. Please complete this form before our virtual consultation. Our main objective is to provide a safe, effective wellness and weight loss program.

Please note that the assessment involves a $50 non-refundable fee for the virtual session, which will be credited toward your program.

Step Two: Program Introduction

Step two of your weight loss journey includes comprehensive guidance and resources tailored to your specific needs.

This includes the creation of a personalized meal plan, a detailed food guide to help you make healthier choices, recommendations for any necessary food supplements, and if deemed appropriate, prescription medication options.

In addition, you’ll receive a structured exercise guide to support your fitness goals. Dr. Idahosa will personally onboard you into the program, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the plan and are equipped with the tools needed to achieve your weight loss objectives.

Step Three: Weekly Check-ins and Support

Step three of your weight loss journey is all about consistent progress and the vital support you need. We’ll schedule weekly check-ins to closely monitor your progress and provide you with feedback to guarantee your success. What sets our program apart is the direct access you’ll have to Dr. Idahosa and a dedicated health and wellness coach. They will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring you have the guidance and encouragement needed throughout your journey. Follow-up virtual sessions will be conducted to fine-tune your personalized plan.

Our commitment is to accelerate your progress, and on this program, you can expect to lose between 2 to 5 pounds a week without resorting to crash dieting or extreme measures. We’re here to help you efficiently reach your weight loss goals while prioritizing your health and well-being.

Step Four: Ongoing Maintenance Plan

Step four represents our comprehensive ongoing maintenance plan designed to help you maintain your weight loss achievements successfully.

For a nominal monthly fee, you’ll gain continuous access to our online exercise resources and meal supplements, ensuring you have the tools needed for sustained success. Additionally, you’ll continue to benefit from monthly check-ins with Dr. Idahosa, where any necessary adjustments or recommendations will be made.

This includes the provision of further medication if required to support your long-term weight management goals. Our dedication doesn’t end with weight loss; it extends to helping you maintain a healthier, happier, and more vibrant lifestyle over the long run.

Weight Loss Success Testimonials

Having gained weight over the course of COVID, I was desperate to try anything, so I purchased the six-week Silver package. I can personally confirm that it worked for me, losing not 20lbs as promised, but almost 30lbs in the six-week period.


At 54 gaining weight has been a problem for me, so I went in for a weight loss plan and between the doctor's recommended program of calorie counting, Lipochill and body contouring sessions I achieved way better results than I expected!!! Super happy with the results and would highly recommend to anyone!!


I have been visiting Calgary MediSpa since I moved here less than 2 years ago originally found on Groupon Doctor Peter is one of the best I regularly do Botox and fillers and he took off the 10 pounds I needed for a special occasion and it has stayed off I have referred my son and husband for rosacea problems and now they are patients of Calgary MediSpa Calgary MediSpa are always accommodating and have wonderful patience and understanding. No oversell

Sharon Tomko
Sharon Tomko

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