Can’t Weight

Can’t Weight


Alberta’s most comprehensive, whole health approach to helping you lose weight, tame your eating habits, and achieve the body you’ve been longing for. All designed by our Physician and Health Coach. We want to help get you the fastest, safest, and longest lasting results possible.

Obesity is a chronic disease, it’s not your fault.

Every time you lose weight, your body tries to gain it back.

Sound familiar?

One of the hardest parts about losing weight is the constant mental and physical challenges we face on a daily basis that try to steer us off track. The delicious office treats, the quick fast food lunches or easy finger-cooking dinners, the glass of wine or beer at the end of a day; when we reduce our caloric intake it often becomes harder and harder to manage these cravings.

This is because our brains are more worried about keeping us from starving. When we lose a lot of weight, our body starts trying to conserve energy by reducing the number of calories it burns. It also makes us feel hungrier, lazier, and increases food cravings. This phenomenon, which is our brain’s natural mechanism to protect us from starvation, is often called “starvation mode.” These effects can cause you to stop losing weight and may make you feel so miserable that you abandon your weight loss efforts altogether and gain back the weight.


Calgary MediSpa has an advanced weight loss program that is designed to control your appetite hormone and prevent your body from entering starvation mode.  We provide you with a tried and tested program that will help you to lose a significant amount of weight, in a short time frame, while also providing you with the support you need to set yourself up for long-term success. You will see and feel results that will last, rather than fad-diet solutions that can cause you to relapse, and possibly even gain back more weight than when you started.

We understand that losing weight is no easy task, so we provide you with the help and support you need throughout your journey to guarantee the best possible results. Our aim will be to not just help you lose weight but to change your lifestyle and relationship with food altogether.

At Calgary MediSpa we want you to look good, feel good, and do good!


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